Marzipan Dresser

Whenever I'm trolling Craigslist and find something I like, 98% of the time I don't pay attention to the details. Like dimensions. And whether or not the piece will actually fit in my Jeep. If I like it, I want it. That's that. I'll figure out a way to get it to the shop or home. Thankfully I have nice people in my lift (hubbie, friends, customers, pickers) who help me out when I get in over my head. Which leads me to this guy...

marzipan dresser

Luckily, I was able to have this beefy piece delivered. This guy is big. He was in pretty good shape and I hated to paint the entire piece, so I opted to leave the drawers alone (aside from getting rid of the ugly flowery handles). I chose Marzipan, one of the new European Colours from Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. It's an off greyish/white. It seems to change a bit depending on what's around it.

The surface was fairly slick, so I added some bonding agent to the milk paint. Honestly, I just squirted it in and didn't measure. I didn't care if I got some chipping, just not the entire piece. You can see there's a bit on the bottom and there's also some on the side.


A little light distressing, sanding and Furniture Wax, and he was done!

This piece didn't last on the floor long! He'll be heading to his new home soon :-)