St. Louis Vintage Market Days: If I Was Shopping...

In my past life, I was an event planner. One of my favorite events we did was an annual food and wine tasting. Food was presented by STL's top chefs. Amazing wine was served. The auction was always packed with goodies. Unfortunately, I was always too busy being bossy to truly enjoy it. I always said, "Someday, I'm going to be an attendee and not be so bossy." (Who am I kidding, I didn't say the bossy part.)

That's how I'm feeling about next weekend's St. Louis Vintage Market Days. We've been busy creating and collecting to stock our booth with handcrafted, restyled and found items.

But, I wanna shop!

So, I thought I would put together a little list of things I would be looking for next weekend, if I was shopping. I've been stalking other vendor's Facebook pages and I know some of the stuff below will be there. Heck, we might even have some of it in our own booth.

Factory Cart Table


I've loved this for a couple of years now. We are in desperate need of a coffee table in our loft. This would look awesome!

Vintage Books


 A little stack of old, worn books looks so sweet on a side table or bookshelf.

Vintage Bottles


These make cute's easy to build up a collection of these quickly. (Trust me, I know). I'm loving the old apothecary jars I've been seeing lately.

Large Letters/Numbers


And small letters


We have a couple of letterpress trays, but I would love some of the small letterpress letters. I've got the perfect spot on my mantle for a collection of them.

Gallery Wall Objects


We're still working on collecting things for our gallery wall. We have a ton of great personal photos and objects from trips or other memories. I would love to toss in a couple of really off the wall items to spice it up a bit.

Editor's Note:

We currently have a small bar cart like the one pictured in our house. Jeff hates it...I might end up bringing it to sell, if I can find something like this....

Large Trunk

LOVE this look. We do have a trunk similar to the one above that we will be bringing to sell. If someone doesn't snatch it up, it's going home with me for this exact use.

Vintage Grain Sack Pillows


I"m always a sucker for vintage grain sacks. Pillows. Totes. Chair covers. It doesn't matter. Love it!

Boxwood Wreath


My current one is looking a bit's time for a new one!

Vintage Camera


Jeff and I both love old camera would be a great find to put on our bookshelf.

I think I better stop here...if I found all of this stuff, it would be quite a haul! If you will be attending, stop by our booth if you happen to spot anything on my shopping list (I'll be the bossy blonde by the red door).