A Letter to Paint Sprayer 101 Attendees

A couple of months ago, I created a workshop that now has been copied by local businesses and criticized by others. I don't usually publicly talk about this type of behavior, but I want to reach out to those of you who have attended the workshop or are about to this weekend.

Like many of you, I am a DIYer at heart. Our business grew from the idea and belief that “I can do that.” (or, “We can do that.”)

I, too, was intimidated at the thought of using a paint sprayer. I didn’t know if I needed to spend $300 on one. What if I spent a ton of money, only to learn the sprayer didn’t give me the finish I wanted? Did I need to use an air compressor? I’m a small business and don’t have the luxury of testing out dozens of options. Or, wasting money on a bad choice.

I have several friends (professional and not) who use the sprayer we use in this workshop and are very happy with the results. I love how easy it is to use. I love the smooth finish. I’ve used other sprayers, but I selected this one for my workshop because I knew that for my attendees it is a great choice.

I wanted to accomplish two things with my workshop:

·      Show you that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a sprayer.

·      Show you that it doesn’t have to be scary or complicated.

For those of you who have taken my workshop or are about to, there is nothing wrong with the sprayer we are using! It’s going to give you a smooth, brushless finish. It’s going to be easy to use.  You are going to experience this in class first-hand. It’s why I created it in the first place.

Should you start your own cabinet painting business with it? Probably not. It’s not going to be up to the task of running 8 hours a day (which is something I mention in class). Will you be able to use it on your son’s dresser? Yes! Can you tackle your kitchen table? Yes! Can you use it on your kitchen cabinets? Absolutely.

I don’t want anyone to take away the excitement and confidence you have after taking the workshop.

I don’t want you to feel like you made the “wrong” choice in taking this workshop. Or, be bullied or shamed into feeling that way. 

For 99.9% of you, this sprayer is going to do exactly what you need it to do. Are there other sprayers out there? Yes. Are there better sprayers? Yes. For the price point and ease of use, this is what I like. 

It's ok for others not to agree with me. Or, even say my way is the wrong way. There is more than one way to do things...even if it's not what you agree with.

However, I don't want my workshop attendees to feel like they wasted their money by others who haven't even attended the workshop. The excitement and confidence everyone leaves with is evident and I don't want anyone to take that away from you!